West Carver

West Carver NZ is a family owned and operated enterprise that is inspired by whānau (family) and the untamed, natural, wilderness of the West Coast, Aotearoa (New Zealand). The use of natural sustainable materials is a key influence in all of our projects, and our range of beautiful reclaimed hardwood hair adornments are carefully handcrafted to express our love of art, nature and taonga (treasure being passed down).

The whenua (lands) natural treasure of wood is truly discovered when Tung oil is applied to the hair forks, revealing the remarkable grain and colour of the rakau (timbers) used, while providing a natural satin finish. We use a diverse range of both native and foreign hardwoods that are sourced locally.

What started out as a taonga (gift) from koroua (grandfather) to his mootua tamahine granddaughters) soon developed into a love of working with rakau (wood), and now the knowledge and passion of this workmanship is being passed down the generations.  These creative art pieces celebrate the past and continue to evolve through fresh inspiration and new materials.