Tracey-Lea Morgan

Inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt and New Zealand glitter artist Reuben Patterson, This series of paintings was completed in 2016.

I have always enjoyed being creative. At school the only subjects I excelled at were creative writing and art. I never studied art when I left school because it wasn't "practical" and wouldn't get me a job.. I've never been far removed from creativity though. I've tried my hand at a multitude of crafts but always tip-toed around the edges of painting because I felt I didn't have a natural talent. As an adult however I felt that I had to try to work hard and develop a skill. I spent two years from the age of 36 painting at home, after working long hours in a new job., It was almost a painful experience, I couldn't even paint in front of my daughters, I was so anxious about what I was doing and how it would look! The first painting I was pleased with was such a breakthrough. I felt such a buzz and learnt so much from that time shut away at home. The thrill of success far outweighed the previous pain of defeat. And so I kept going.