Rosie Reverie
Rosie Reverie
Hollie O'Neill

Rosie Reverie

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Rosie Reverie: A whirl of warmth and transcendence

Original Painting
Paint, pigment and epoxy polymer on board
600mm diameter

"Rosy Reverie: A Whirl of Warmth and Transcendence" is a mesmerizing piece from the 'Cycles of Reflection' series that beautifully expresses the interconnectedness of the mind and energy. The fiery backdrop of warm orange and magenta subtly diffuses into a swirling foreground that mimics a soft rose. Playing with hues of soft orange, yellow, and pink, the spontaneous sweeps of paint float and intermingle, symbolizing the dance between internal and external worlds. This masterpiece invites the observer into a vibrant journey of contemplation and introspection, exploring the expansive abyss of physical and metaphysical perspectives through a burst of captivating colors.