Luke Calder

This planet Earth is a special and unique place. It is clear that humans are having a significant influence on the health of this planet. My hope is that my work will motivate people to consider these issues.

Ever since I can remember I have held a fascination for maps and globes. This interest, combined with my training as a traditional gilder and designer has culminated in the creation of these unique, handcrafted globes and artworks. My world globes are hand-made in spun aluminium. The level of detail and accuracy I with my globes can only be achieved through many hours of crafting by a skilled artisan. The end result is a unique and beautiful artwork which over time will continue to patina and age as the land itself does. Calder’s globes are all hand-made from spun aluminium, painted meticulously and gilded in Calder’s studio. The process is slow and painstaking; the detailed coastlines and tiny islands are incredibly precise and the copper gilding that forms the land masses needs constant supervision as Calder coaxes the patina finish into life. These elegant shapes change over time as the copper continues to react, creating an organic and unique piece of art.