Liam Barr

Within the land you will find people on it. How we respond, interact and embrace it, holds fascination for me and is ultimately linked to our survival. My work seeks to form a connection between the land and those who live upon it. Each is a contemplation of thought, mindfulness and a tale of ones place within.

Liam Barr (b. Scotland 1966) immigrated to New Zealand with family (1974). Barr settled in Perth, WA, where he trained and worked as a graphic designer before returning to New Zealand (2004) to further his art practice. The exploration of people and their peculiarities lies at the essence of Barr's work and he continues to define this experience expressed through meticulous attention to form and structure within the development of his paintings. Marked variations in subject matter are explored between series from his early magic surrealist and tiki inspired works through to historical narrative themed works and more recently toward realism and contemporary image set. Images draw reference from fiction to subjective fact, weaving stories punctuated with symbolism, iconography, humour and pathos.