Jill Main

Actually the story starts with two of the great Kiwi traditions, a love affair and the O.E. However, in this case it started from the other side of the world (England) and wound up here in New Zealand! I fell in love…. clean oceans, big sky, majestic scenery and friendly people, I knew I had met my soul mate when I met New Zealand. With a passion for textiles and crafts (having a mother who sewed for “all the family”) I embarked on the dusty, bumpy, adventurous, soul searching and ultimately rewarding road of building the business Jill Main New Zealand.

That was, well, a few years ago and the love affair continues unabated to this day. I've been very lucky and have a great team of people who work with me. Together we bring all the ideas into reality. We're based in Kumeu, North of Auckland, surrounded by flora and fauna that have inspired so many collections of our merino clothing, jewellery and accessories, each piece hand crafted and almost all of our collections in sympathy with nature.