Gary Brooks

Gary Brooks has been painting and exhibiting in galleries around New Zealand for the last 15+ years. About 18 months ago his creativity took a new direction when he started experimenting with concrete. "Working with concrete is a lot different than painting, in that you are relying just on your hands to create something and not a paint brush." After much experimenting and failures, the 'orb' evolved to what it is today. Although Gary does more than the orbs, these have become his signature piece and he is fast becoming known as the concrete orb guy. His orbs are now featured in galleries and retail stores around New Zealand. People seeing them for the first time are always surprised by the glow they create and always think there is actually a light in them. "Each orb is like a child really. Each one is made from the same material but in the end each one is unique and has its own personality." Gary is constantly experimenting with different forms and colours to create the ultimate orb. Recently he had two of his paintings which incorporated his orbs, sell at the Original Art Sale, so watch this space for some more of these unique works.