Ally Paine

My name is Ally Paine and I am a self taught stencil graffiti artist. For as long as I can remember, I have had a great appreciation of the arts. I am heavily influenced and inspired by contemporary New Zealand and international artists and the pursuit to further learn and perfect my craft is constant. For the last decade I have lived and breathed all that is Wellington. The city is a cultural hub and a natural breeding ground for creativity. The collection I have assembled is a collage of, and dedication to the iconic landmarks and sculptures that help define this city. I believe this medium (stencil graffiti) fits seamlessly with the city’s built and natural environment, its vibrant atmosphere and the people that inhabit it. Each stencil is cut by hand with precision and individually sprayed layer by layer. In essence, no two prints are the same. They are all unique and all created with the greatest care and attention to detail.