Jane Blackmore

Jane Blackmore sets the scene of a beautiful summer escape with her brand new original paintings. 
Jane Blackmore
Rangitikei Landscape
Gold Leaf on Canvas
76cm x 76cm
Jane Blackmore is the owner of Jane Blackmore Gallery / Studio in Lyall Bay, Wellington. As a practicing artist with over 20 years’ experience, Jane’s work is primarily inspired by the stunning and singular vistas of the Wellington hills and harbour. Characterised by emotional intensity, visitors to the gallery are struck by how her paintings announce themselves with a calm assuredness – the hallmark of an established artist who continues to grow and challenge her own artistic vision. In an age where speed and instant gratification seem to permeate every corner of our lives, Jane’s paintings offer a space for thoughtful reflection.
Jane Blackmore
Marlborough Light
Gold Leaf on Canvas
125cm x 125cm
‘Spirituality’ is a word contemporary artist’s and writers tend to avoid, favouring instead words like ‘ethereal’ or ‘intangible’. Blackmore’s landscapes are unashamedly spiritual. When we look at her landscapes and seascapes, we sense that we ourselves have inhabited these places, perhaps as children, perhaps in memory, or perhaps in a dream. In equal measure to the spirituality in Jane’s work is joy, and this is abundant in her series of floral’s. Flowers push forward from dark backgrounds, defiantly sensuous and celebrating the natural cycles of birth, growth and decay. Jane’s floral works make you feel the same joy she felt when she painted them: right now, here, look.
Jane Blackmore
Little Worser Bay
Oil painting on canvas
50cm x 50cm
Jane’s recent work continues her exploration of colour, form, and the visceral qualities of paint. Marking a shift towards a more pure abstraction, we see the artist peeling back layers of representation to arrive at a mélange of colour and light. Gold’s, purples, and blues – there is a lush reality to these works. Like the emotive charge of her landscapes, and the visual joy of her floral’s, her abstractions use a visual language synonymous with an artist working at a heightened level of skill and creative expression 
Jane Blackmore
Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas
101cm x 101cm

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