Peter Latham

Peter Latham

During the late 80’s Peter Latham dreamt of becoming a landscape photographer as he would capture the incredible scenery on his Canon T70. Peter realised his dream after a bicycle expedition touring New Zealand’s beautiful and rugged South Island. He spent the following years travelling the world as a photographer on cruise ships, until returning home to New Zealand in 2003, where he began experimenting with images on canvas. 

‘Tropical Tones’ limited edition Photography by Peter Latham
Printed on Metallic Canvas 1350cm x 95cm
Peter’s current work is part of a new range of limited edition photographs consisting of only 25 certified and signed prints which he has created in hopes to evoke a nostalgic feeling by using subtle tones & vintage style framing. These photographs are printed on metallic canvas which is created from an optimal blend of metallic, silver & pearlescent surface finishes to portray exceptional detail. Unframed prints on metallic canvas (or fine art paper) are also available.
Peter has recently been selected for Phase One’s prestigious newsletter. This is distributed to thousands of photographers and design professionals all over the world. Phase one are widely respected as leaders in the photographic industry, with HQ in Denmark. Congratulations Peter!


‘A Day’s Rest’ limited edition Photography by Peter Latham
Printed on Metallic Canvas 1390cm x 69cm

Peter’s artworks are produced using digital imaging processes and pigment inks, printed onto acid-free U.V. canvas and a U.V. A protective coating is applied to enhance the prints inherent stability. These processes are state of the art and the materials used are the highest quality available. To clean, carefully use a soft damp cloth, avoiding any excessive pressure.

Peter Pictured with Ora Gallery’s Marissa Anderson and his new work.

We love getting to know our talented artists, learning all about their lives, loves, hobbies & interests. In doing this, we have developed long-lasting relationships with the people behind the NZ Art & Design that we showcase in Ora Gallery. This is key to understanding their new passions and experiments in the studio. Art and Design are tools used to express oneself, igniting conversation and enabling stories to be shared through physical expression.
It is always a pleasure having Peter visit us at Ora Gallery. We have a wide range of his work in-store and online - https://bit.ly/3itrN9r

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