Paora Tiatoa

Get to know Paora Tiatoa while also getting a sneak peak of his work that will be showcased in his solo exhibition at ORA Gallery on October 29. 
Paora Pictured In His Studio

Paora is an artist of Ngapuhi and Ngati Raukawa descent, currently living and creating his prints on Matakana Island. He works in his very own quirky studio, with half it being inside a 40 ft shipping container and the other half being his lounge!

Māori Go Round

Original Print by Paora Tiatoa

Paora originally painted abstract shape formations, but switched to contemporary Māori art as a senior in art school. Over the last few years, Paora has combined his skills, refining what he calls ‘ACMA,’ a convergence of mediums, creating contemporary abstract Māori artwork.

“My screen prints are not about a single issue, but rather cover many issues that are interconnected. I am attracted to beauty in whatever shape or form it may present itself to me and hold things that are precious or have cultural significance paramount in my work.”

Drop It Like It's Hot

Original Print by Paora Tiatoa


He is inspired by abstraction, as well as taonga kept in british museums that were traded when Aotearoa was colonised. One taonga in particular that Paora is inspired by is the Heru, which he captures in much of his work. 

“I work off 32 screens with images scattered on them. I then abstract, make stencil Shapes, and then make individual multi passes on to my paper. The process is time consuming, but final result is Avant garde, my prints have the same look as any one pass handscreen print, but certainly are not.”


Original Print by Paora Tiatoa

In his spare time Paora loves to collect a few different things such as prints , shoes and taonga. He has recently added to his collection a 1990 caddilac fleetwood lowrider!

To watch Paora at work, head over to his Instagram on Friday’s between 7.00pm-7.30pm for ‘Live Print Jam.’

Join us at ORA Gallery on Thursday October 29th from 5.00pm to 7.00pm for the opening of TRADED NOT FADED, a solo exhibition featuring Paora Tiatoa.

Check out Paora's work we currently have in stock here.

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