Jane Blackmore

Jane Blackmore - Wellington, New Zealand
ORA Gallery is delighted to showcase Jane Blackmore, a local Pōneke artist based in Lyall Bay. Three of Jane's new pieces are currently featured in the window, at ORA Gallery NZ. 

"For over 20 years I have found passion for my artwork in nature. The paintings, whether they are the flowers, abstractions or landscapes are predominantly about stopping and just being in the moment."

Words of Wisdom
Original Painting by Jane Blackmore
1m round

"I have a love for oil paint and the way it moves and glows, it is a constant fascination to me. It is this quality that pushes me to further explore colour, form and movement in all my art. 

"I want to capture a timeless quality in my work, something that becomes a meaningful part of your life. You will observe and engage differently every time you view it. Inhaling the beauty of something that has been created."

Original Painting by Jane Blackmore
101cm x 101cm

Jane’s floral work celebrates natural cycles of birth, growth and decay whereas her sea and landscapes provoke a sense that we ourselves have inhabited these places, perhaps as children, perhaps in memory, or perhaps in a dream.
Committed to growth and challenge in her art, Jane continues to explore colour, form, and the visceral qualities of paint.

Original Painting by Jane Blackmore
125cm x 125cm

Making a conscious shift towards a more pure abstraction, Blackmore creates a mélange of colour and light. Golds, purples, and blues creating a lush reality. Like the emotive charge of her landscapes, and the visual joy of her florals, her abstractions use a visual language synonymous with an artist working at a heightened level of skill and creative expression.
In stark contrast to the fast pace of life today, Jane’s work invites us to reflect, feeling the calm, emotional intensity and assuredness of her unashamedly spiritual work.

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