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A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of FLUIDITY! It was a fabulous night celebrating stunning art & laughter by our wonderful ORA whānau.
Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening Fluidity Exhibition Opening
FLUIDITY an exhibition expressing the finesse, elegance & flow of movement by four glowing contemporary artists from around Aotearoa.

Featuring work by Annie Smits Sandano, Catherine Roberts, Kiya Nancarrow & Sofia Athineou
Opening Thursday 25th May 5pm-7pm at ORA Gallery 23 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington
View the stunning body of work here https://bit.ly/3q6EDmp

I am primarily driven by an interest in investigating the basic interaction between line and colour via materiality and/or process. A visceral response is often my end point.

​My visual cues are broad: from painting to ceramics to printmaking, everything interests me. I seek to create images and objects which operate on a visceral level and incite an emotion which transports the viewer.

Colour, light, texture & shapes are all key concerns throughout my practice. A lot of the satisfaction in making comes from working with materials & my work is process-driven.

​Within each of the disciplines in my practice I often strive to cultivate processes which at first instance are rooted in the traditional - primarily analogue and championing laboursome and, when relevant, antiquated methods. At the same time a lot of my work blurs the edges of where one medium begins and the other ends, questioning both and this way creating space for the visual dialogue to be questioned within a contemporary context both aesthetically and materially.

​​My limited edition prints are hand made using traditional analogue techniques and my ceramic works are all very tactile and slowly hand-built. My original paintings are often built from materials I have created or using techniques I have hybridised from printmaking.

 I am interested in continually developing a diverse portfolio of works and approaches, working solo and collaboratively and exhibiting my work in an array of platforms.

'Kapiti Island' Original Painting by Annie Smits Sandano
120 x 80cm
Acrylic on canvas



My work is the result of an intuitive dialogue, between artist and canvas, with no set intentions, but with a purpose to captivate the viewer to carry on the conversation. Driven to find balance, using colour, texture and contrast to form a harmonious rhythm, eventually creating intangible and obscure realms. Nothing about my work is perfect. It is a natural process, lead by a feeling of balance, resulting in an organic final piece. From the applied texture to the frames, all put together with the same hands... If my art were a couch, you’d feel comfortable about putting your feet up. Over the last two decades, the journey of my work has helped me find the confidence to dispel self-placed inhibitions, and ultimately find the absolute freedom to express the way I know best. I’m not confidently spoken in life, but it seems I found my voice through my work. Painting for nearly 20 years from my Wellington studio, and exhibiting in Galleries around New Zealand.

'Linger' Original Painting by Catherine Roberts
150cm x 100cm x 7cm
Mixed on media on canvas 



 I have worked with clay for the past 20 years with the aim of conveying a sense of movement and energy. This has been based on a belief that energy passes through all things, both animate and inanimate; This imagined energy offers much in terms of potential form.

Recently I have begun working with Corten steel and mild steel which has a vast array of new challenges and delights. It enables me to work on a larger scale, giving more strength and presence to the form. I have been trialling both the natural oxidising of the steel as well as painting/sealing the forms. To date the pieces have been wall hung, mounted on plinths or free standing.

I hope that the viewer's eye will flow around a piece with little sense of beginning, ending, or interruption.

'Unsprung Energy'  Original galvanised powered coated steel sculpture by Kiya Nancarrow
Width 54cm x Height 40cm x Depth 45cm



I am Greek and I live and work in the Waitakere Ranges of Aotearoa. I am a devotee of art. A mixed-media artist with an emphasis in glass, a medium with many sensual and optical qualities. I love using glass to express myself artistically. I love the way it looks and feels and the way it reflects and distorts light. I capture passion and emotion by refracting the vibrant colours of glass, through the forms I create. Natural patterns interest me infinitely.

I work with organic forms that show elemental forces like wind, fire and water. Depicting movement particularly interests me while I make my glassworks. The constant movement of these elements is captured in my sculptures and enhanced by the play of light inside the glass.

My work has shifted in focus lately to bigger size works and installations that target different social issues from rape to refugees. These works also incorporate with other materials like metal, stone, wood, found objects, harakeke etc.. Size means a lot to me. The joy and satisfaction that I get from creating big works are really fulfilling.  My passion for bigger size works and installation means that I can only create a couple of big works per year, that makes them even more special plus a handful of small works.

My art constantly reflects my state of mind, my Greek heritage and my surrounding nature.

'Ydre - Water' Original Glass Sculpture by Sofa Athineou
Copper Blue
37.5cm width, 14cm depth, 58cm height


View the stunning body of work here https://bit.ly/3q6EDmp

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