Curiously Copper

Copper has etched itself into a staple of art and design through history. At ORA we are delighted to host a fabulous range of copper artwork from a talented range of local artists.

Daniel Wright

Daniel grew up near Piha on Aucklands wild west coast. He currently lives on Great Barrier Island. His work is inspired by his lifelong connection to the ocean and passion for surfing.
Daniel Wright
Copper Stingrays - Set of 4

The son of two 70's basket weavers, his own creativity emerged during high school workshop design classes, where he developed a love of working with New Zealands native timber, and learnt to bonecarve. More recently after helping a copper Artist with some production issues, he started working with this versatile and attractive medium.
Daniel Wright
Copper Kina (Large)

Daniel is a self taught Artist and designer, keeping his artworks imaginative yet real. His desire for simplicity and to capture the essence and feel of his subjects clearly shows in his work.
Daniel Wright
Kapiti Island
Vivian Keenan
I am a New Zealand based artist creating contemporary, original art work from recycled copper, willow, rattan and harvesting materials from my immediate environment such as jasmine, harakeke and supplejack. I use basket making techniques to produce elegant interior and outdoor sculptural forms, lamps, hinaki, quivers, and sails.
Vivian Keenan
Copper Birds
From $115
Recycled copper - gorgeous colours and the opposing qualities of malleability and strength - has given a new direction and scope for my ideas, allowing for the construction of much larger scale works, indoor and outdoor pieces. My inspiration comes mainly from forms in the natural environment.
Vivian Keenan
Copper Polynesian Flag

Living mostly on Great Barrier Island, I feel the land and the sea have impacted significantly on my work. There is inspiration also in the everyday objects that are used by humans, e.g. hinaki, seed fans, sails, a myriad of things. It is form wherever it is found that motivates me in my work. The texture within a piece and the spaces created in between the weaving are prime factors in each work.
Vivian Keenan
From $157
Sarah Spence

Sarah was raised in Gisborne surrounded by the ocean and the great outdoors. She has been creating art ever since she was a young girl. Her love of nature and the outdoors has inspired the artworks she creates. She later learnt weaving while up the East Coast of Gisborne with Puni McIllroy at Waipiro Bay. Since then she has been creating her own woven boddesses and wearable art along with huge hanging chairs from our native supplejack vine.Which have won National Awards.
Sarah Spence
Woven Copper Boddess

Her art works are both decorative and functional, aiming to bring nature indoors. She uses the natural contours of her works and plays with light and it's many dynamic features to create some very interesting moods and atmospheres with each distinctive piece. Her work breathes new life into subjects that may have never been seen nor appreciated in any light, for they would be lost to the forest floor. 
Sarah Spence
Woven Copper Kete

She has taken part in collaborative exhibitions as well as individual ones, and sells her works in galleries all over New Zealand as well as overseas. Since being back in Gisborne she works from her home studio at Wainui Beach . She has formed her own label and is now also working with copper as well as harekeke.

Sarah Spence
Copper Monstera 
From $260

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